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A Day in the Wichita Mountains
January 29, 2013, 1:19 PM
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My passion, my one true reason I am into photography is landscape! When I go outside and I look around, I immediately start looking for places and things and anything else that would make amazing photographs! The beauty of nature is best though; if I had my choice and the funds to do so, my life would consist of an endless journey finding and photographing the most beautiful places on Earth! This brings me to my images here. They are not only beautiful, but they are close to home. They are taken in The Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma just North of Lawton. The sheer shock of these mountains will throw anyone for a loop! They are not the usual mountains, but they are merely hills that are in a small range, and are forever now disappearing. They were once bigger and once were home to numerous tribes of Native Americans. Now this once majestic place is wildlife and historical reserve that still holds ageless beauty, and is now home to thousands of free roaming bison. My goal when reaching my destination was to capture what few have seen or even heard of. My series is an HDR series and is rich in color as well as aesthetic appeal. My series is called “A Day in the Wichita Mountains”, and that is exactly what it is.


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